MAESTRO - interior design studio

Our role is to understand and notice what brings you pleasure and display it in the space around you.

Each of the MAESTRO company makes sure that everything in it works according to your rules.

This is how we create a new world in which you will be surprisingly comfortable.

The world of sincere hugs in the hallway, where you want to return after work or a winter walk.
The world of soft fluffy towels in the bathroom, which is so nice to enter without fully waking up.
A world of fragrant sheets where you see sensual dreams about countries you have yet to visit.
A world of friendly laughter and quivering touches of the palms in bright, spacious restaurants.
The world of comfortable offices, where every project is brilliant. Where you want to slow down working hours and not go anywhere.

And all this is your world... The world where you want to be happy.

Project "Spirited"

Three-room apartment in a modern style.

Project "Heartful"

A delightful house project in the style of Japanese minimalism. Everything here is saturated with the atmosphere of LIFE.

Project "Emphasis"

A bold apartment for a young couple, catchy with its contrast and accents.

Project "Grand"

A project that combines graceful features of sophistication, classic motifs and the laconic simplicity of modernity.

Project "Blackfire"

An apartment for a young couple, not afraid of black and non-standard solutions.

Project "Yummy"

Apartment for two young girls. Cozy modernity with delicious color scheme.

Project "Glossyblack"

One of the wishes of the customers was the use of black.

Project "Whitegloss"

Non-standard design of an apartment for a young family with a dominant white color.
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Our team

Maestro is a team of professionals capable of realizing any idea. Each specialist has an art or construction education, as well as experience in the field of design. That is why, when ordering interior design from us, you can be 100% sure of the quality of the final result.

Our studio has been operating since 2010. During this time we managed to implement hundreds of design solutions. Apartments, private houses, shops, cafes and restaurants, offices: we have experience in implementing any design solutions.

Maestro - modern design solutions for any interior.
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