Project "Grand"

A project that combines graceful features of sophistication, classic motifs and the laconic simplicity of modernity.
Kryvyi Rih city, Ukraine
94 m²
Dining room
In this room, a redevelopment of the walls was carried out, which created one integral one out of three hotel rooms.
The non-standard arrangement of wall moldings in the corner takes us away from the classic style, and the complex red shade of the bed dilutes the color scheme of the bedroom.
Fascinating lamps in the form of butterflies make the wardrobe not only a place to store clothes, but also a beauty corner.
Living room
A place for family movies. Modern techniques with classic elements.
Children's room
Gentle tenderness - that's what the customers called this room. Bedroom for a girl in shades of blue.
The bathroom is filled with contrasts and textures. Here, redevelopment was carried out, connecting the bathroom and toilet into one room.
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