Project "Emphasis"

A bold apartment for a young couple, catchy with its contrast and accents.
Kryvyi Rih city, Ukraine
63 m²
Modern style
3D gypsum panels served as the decor of the wall with the bed, a large closet successfully repeated the range of the room, becoming invisible, and Apollo added a special atmosphere.
Living room
A functional wall-wardrobe will add storage space to the apartment, and of course it's so nice to lean into a comfortable chair, enjoying the view of the fireplace.
A non-standard solution in a microcement coated worktop, just like an apron.
Cold concrete and warm wood are combined in this compact bathroom.
With such a loggia, you do not need to go to a cafe to feel like a coffee gourmet.
Stylish and concise, restrained and functional. A place for two - not only at the restaurant table, but also at work.
The hallway combined colors and textures that will be found throughout the apartment.
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