from $30/m²

Complete design project.
A comprehensive set of all drawings, lists, descriptions of materials used and visualizations necessary for repair

1. Planning decision (up to five alternative options).

2. Design concept.

3. Construction drawings:
- Planning decision (up to five alternative options);
- Plan of dismantling / installation of walls and partitions;
- Plan of placement of furniture and equipment;
- Door placement plan;
- Plan for connecting plumbing equipment;
- Plan for placement and connection of lighting equipment;
- Plan of placement of sockets, switches and electrical outlets;
- Plan of placement and connection of a heat-insulated floor.
- floor plan;
- Ceiling plan;
- Wall finishing plan;
- Development of walls;

4. Sheets of materials used and purchase items.

5. Visualization.

6. Online communication during the repair process (without field trips).
If you carry out repairs with OUR construction team, architectural supervision and equipment are included as a gift. Absolutely free.

*we take premises from 20 sq.m.
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